Queensland Mining Awards

QMA Winners

The 2022 Queensland Mining Awards winners were announced at the sold-out gala dinner at the MECC.

2022 Winners

Meet the 2022 cohort of finalists and winners for the Queensland Mining Awards. 

Queensland Mining Contractor of the Year


SoilCyclers solved a remarkable problem that has the potential to change how the industry views rehabilitation. Judges loved the forward-thinking approach and the long-term applicability for the best environmental outcomes. The collaborative approach to solving an extremely common rehabilitation problem – topsoil deficits – brought in necessary partners with expertise in operations and water to create a circular economy model.

And the outcomes they achieved were remarkable – in meeting the client brief, turning overburden into viable topsoil and pasture, saving more than $80 million, and in significant emission reduction from reduced truck movements.

Glencore Productivity Award


Polymathian – Central Queensland Coal Network Optimisation

Working on the motto of thinking big, starting small and moving fast, Polymathian spearheaded new approaches to complex planning and scheduling integrations across Central Queensland’s coal haulage networks. The resulting improvements help to maximise the productivity of train fleets and minimise asset turnaround time, and the collaborative team is looking forward to building on these early successes.


AAMG Technologies – Remote Pump Monitoring System

SMW Group – Solar Panel Cleaning Truck 


QME Best Product Launch Award


GreaseBoss – Digital Transformation of Greasing

GreaseBoss estimates lost production for Australian mining due to incorrect greasing costs of over $150M annually. GreaseBoss is the world’s first system to track manual greasing on a point-by-point basis that verifies that auto-lubricators are working, with the ability to report back on both, and that they are working. Digital data collection enables remote monitoring and more accurate maintenance planning.


KAM Mining Products – Track Adjuster Cannons

Manuplex – Dustless Plaster Pump

METS Ignited Collaboration Award


Anglo American  – Autonomous Longwall Technology and Remote Operations

Remote longwall operation is a key part of Anglo American’s innovation-led approach to sustainable mining, FutureSmart Mining and future operational excellence. With innovative new technology and applications, Anglo American has created the systems required to remotely operate an autonomous longwall consistently, enabling operations to be safer, more competitive, and sustainable.


Anglo American  – Level 9 Collision Avoidance Technology

MacKellar Mining | Bravus – Carmichael Coal Mine Project

Polymathian \ Aurizon Network | CQCN Rail Haulage Providers | Spark Logic – Central Queensland Coal Network Optimisation

Austmine Innovation (METS) Award


Thiess – Nylon Rim Cleat for Seating Rims on Hitachi Trucks

The Thiess Asset Operations team has designed, engineered and trialled an innovative nylon rim cleat for mobile plant equipment to significantly reduce manual handling risk for tyre fitters. The cleats have the potential to transform tyre fitting and handling practices well beyond the mining industry.


AAMG Technologies – Remote Pump Monitoring System

Hastings Deering – Parts Tracking and Customer Purchase Order Automation

KAM Mining Products – Track Adjuster Cannons

Universal Field Robots – UFR RadioPOP

Hastings Deering Safety Initiative Award


Soft Rigging Solutions – Tray Retention System/Safety Up Device

Typically, SUD’s on dump truck trays have been very heavy, impractical and have the potential to cause injury. The Soft Rigging Solutions SUD drastically reduces weight to a mere 4.2-14.2kg whilst still adhering to relevant standards. Consequently, safety is improved, enabling staff inclusion and simultaneously increasing production by reducing machine downtime.


Blackrock Mining Solutions – VCD Wet Applicator Pump

SMW Group – Remote-Operated High Pressure Hot Wash Truck

Thiess – Remote Heavy Equipment Live Testing Solution

iCutter Industries Environment Award


SoilCyclers – Mine Site Rehabilitation Using Waste

SoilCyclers and their collaborative partners demonstrated the viability of using a mine’s waste to create better rehabilitation outcomes. Using resources from the mine’s locality, SoilCyclers’ system works to resolve topsoil deficits and generate rapid pasture grass coverage even on sites without access to potable water. This cost-effective solution can be used on mine sites worldwide, also utilising overburden, subsoil and mine tailings.


BMD Constructions – Carmichael Rail Network Environmental Controls and Software

Pembroke Resources – Koala & Greater Glider Research Program

Sodexo Australia – WasteWatch

SMW Group Community Initiative Award


BHP BMA – Smart Transformation Project (supported by BMA)

The Smart Transformation project, supported by BMA, operates in Dysart and Moranbah and aims to future-proof these communities against rapid technological changes. Since it began in 2019, Smart Transformation has delivered more than $4 million in new projects for Dysart and Moranbah that have been identified and prioritised by the  community, for the community.


Evolution Mining – Mt Rawdon Gold Operation Mt Perry Summit Trail

Thiess – StepUp CapRescue Youth Volunteers Program

AusIndustry Innovation (Miner) Award


BHP BMA – Process Area Set Point Optimisation

Not only does PASPO, a machine-learning innovative application, provide BMA with a competitive edge to achieve industry-leading metallurgical coal blend compliance performance. It significantly exceeded value expectations. Since its inception in 2020, PASPO has delivered 385,000 additional product tonnes providing a 60X return on investment.


Anglo American – Autonomous Longwall Technology and Remote Operations

Anglo American – Longwall Pressure Monitoring System

Kestrel Coal Resources – Development Pitstop

QMA 2022 Finalists Media Release

2020 Winners

The winners in the 2020 Queensland Mining Awards have been announced with Sarina small business Gas Field Services named the Queensland Mining Contractor of the Year. 

The Queensland Mining Awards were co-hosted by the Bowen Basin Mining Club and the Queensland Resources Council, recognising contractors, suppliers and producers across nine peer-judged categories.

The 29 finalist entries represented the true diversity of the industry, representing the full spectrum of major contractors and producers, right down to one-man businesses. Creative solutions to industry problems showcased skills in mathematics, engineering, environmental, human resources, procurement and manufacturing.

The winners and finalists are:

Greyhound Innovation (METS) Award

Finalists Video

Winner: Universal Field Robots & IMDEX – Innovation through Collaboration

Universal Field Robots and IMDEX conquered the challenge of logging blast holes, while removing operators from harm’s way. The IMDEX BLASTDOG™ solution moved from concept to prototype in just four months, providing geological data and enhancing productivity.


Emesent – Hovermap: Mapping the inaccessible
Hovermap uses LiDAR to accurately, quickly and safely map any space in real time, with handheld or drone delivery. Using Hovermap, mines have significantly increased safety, with overall reduced costs and production delays.

Polymathian – Transforming Mining Value Chains with Industrial Mathematics

Polymathian’s ‘Bolt’ product solves problems across the value chain, considering all components and system impacts through industrial mathematics. Using Bolt, the mine improved margins by ten percent, and decreased planning effort by at least ten times.

Redeye Apps – Optimising O&M Inspections – The Redeye Digital Twin

Redeye created a virtual model to mirror two draglines, simplifying complex dragline maintenance data management. The digital twin allows planners and onsite engineers to see component history and capture live maintenance data.

Sedgman – SMART Condition Monitoring

The SMART plant provides solutions that optimise Sedgman’s minerals processing operations. Using affordable new sensor technology and cloud-based platforms, Sedgman integrated several intelligent systems to produce live data streams.

JCB CEA Innovation (Miner) Award

Finalists Video

Winner: Anglo American (Dawson Mine) – World’s first remote multi-pass drill

The Anglo American (Dawson) team produced the first known rotary blasthole drill rig to complete multi-pass operations remotely. This removes operators from the field, with strong safety outcomes.


Anglo American – World’s first Group 1 Intrinsically Safe underground tablet

Anglo American successfully developed and launched the only Group 1 electronic tablet device certified for unrestricted use in underground mining globally. This allows for real-time communication and record-keeping underground.

Sonic Healthplus Safety Award

Finalists Video

Winner: Gas Field Services Hands Free Drilling The Way of The Future

Gas Field Services introduced the LF-160 Drill Rig and Freedom Loader. This solution drastically reduces manual handling and increases safety-critical functions with hands-free drilling. 


Mastermyne – Brain Science

Mastermyne created the Brain Science Project to engage staff in understanding how behaviour and emotion impacts safety, productivity and culture. There has been a notable reduction in safety incidents, as well as increased training benefits.

Waterline Projects – 3D Printing for Familiarisation

Waterline Projects created a safety training model with the help of 3D printing. This allows employee familiarisation with hazards while reducing safety risks on site.

Glencore Productivity Award

Finalists Video

Winner: Polymathian   Maximising NPV with Industrial Mathematics

Polymathian used their ORB mathematical solution to optimise mine planning for a client, condensing the planning process from weeks to just 12 hours. The client saw a 35% increase to NPV, with superior productivity outcomes.


Gas Field Services – 4C Wireline – The New Drilling Technique

Gas Field Services implemented the 4C Wireline Coring system to complement their LF-160 handsfree drilling rig. This decreased rod hole trips by 70%, increasing production by 15 holes a year and saving just under 3 shifts.

Vayeron – Intrinsically Safe Wireless Longwall Inclinometer

Vayeron produced a wireless, plug and play sensor to replace expensive, permanently wired longwall inclinometers. The Vayeron sensor costs around $300 per device, rather than $1700.


SMW Group Staff / Community Engagement Award

Finalists Video

Winner: New Oakleigh Coal – Jeebropilly Mine Closure – ‘Finishing Well’ program

The Finishing Well program aimed to retain employees with a positive safety and productivity culture in the months leading up to the Jeebropilly mine’s closure. Staff retention through the 2-year program was 98.9%.


Anglo American  – Anglo American LIVE online concert series

Anglo American created a series of online streamed private concerts for employees, contractors, stakeholders, traditional owner groups and their families. This helped decrease staff isolation throughout COVID-19 restrictions.

Hastings Deering – Together As One

Hastings Deering pioneered the ‘Together as One’ program, fostering cultural change throughout their 3,500 strong workforce. The program has resulted in more than 3000 employee experiences and over 15,000 website impressions.

SMW Group EEO Award

Finalists Video

Winner: Byerwen Coal, Jangga Operations & Macmahon – Yila Yina Mundu (‘Turn Around from Here’) Program

This collaborative effort built on the Thida Bullaroo (Step By Step) program, expanding QCoal’s Indigenous participation strategy. 24 new-to-industry roles were created, with full-time employment offered following completion of training. 


Anglo American – Balancing the Team Recruitment and Training Program / Anglo American’s female-only underground trainee intake

Anglo American’s Moranbah North mine took a different approach to recruitment and training to drive inclusion and diversity. Eight entry-level trainee underground miner roles were created, with no experience necessary. Trainees will complete a Cert II in underground coal mining and gain hands-on experience

QME Best Product Launch Award

Finalists Video

Winner: Bis – Razor: the proprietary underground grader increasing safety and performance

BIS realised that innovation was sorely needed to fix inefficient, underpowered machinery that lacked reliability. Razor – developed, designed and manufactured in Australia – delivers over 30% increased tractive effort, improved braking and most importantly, improved safety.


Ava Risk Group & Mining3 – Aura IQ – Conveyor Health Monitoring

Mining3 and Ava Risk Group collaborated to deliver a game-changing predictive conveyor monitoring system. Aura IQ is intrinsically safe and virtually maintenance-free, meaning the solution can be used underground as well as on the surface.

Skopit – Structural Steel Clamping System

The Skopit system instantly eliminates hot welding work to structural steel in and around coal and mineral processing facilities. The clamp maintains steelwork integrity, is reusable and takes just minutes to install on any size beam or colum

SMW Group – The Ultralift – collaborative commercialisation

SMW Group solved a major logistical and safety problem by creating the Ultralift, a remotely operated mobile straddle carrier. Eliminating complex slewing crane lifts saves around $15,000 every time the Ultralift is used.

McLanahan Environment Award

Finalists Video

Winner: KCB Australia – Isaac River Upstream Drop Structure

The Isaac River Diversion’s existing drop structure failed repeatedly under flood conditions. KCB Australia’s new design’s modelling predicts enhanced energy dissipation, improved flow stability and prevention of scour upstream.


Mining3 – Alternative Explosives

Mining3 are testing alternative explosive formulations, eliminating the nitrogen component and replacing it with hydrogen peroxide. This has the potential for a zero harmful fume scenario, also lowering risks to the environment, safety and productivity.

New Century Resources – Economic Rehabilitation – a new approach to mined land rehabilitation in Queensland

Economic Rehabilitation involves recovering about 77 million tonnes of mineralised waste from tailings storage for reprocessing and sale, funding the future rehabilitation of the rest of the Century mine. Since commencing, 10% of the tailings have been reprocessed, and long-term monitoring data is shaping up to be world-class.

METS Ignited Collaboration Award

Finalists Video

Winner: Ava Risk Group | Mining3 – Innovation through Collaboration

Mining3 and Ava Risk Group collaborated to deliver a game-changing predictive conveyor monitoring system. Within 10 months, the team produced the Aura IQ, an innovative, low cost and flexible maintenance solution that uses fibre optics, signal processing algorithms and data analytics.


Mitchell Services | Anglo American  – Underground Coal Gas Drainage Drill Rig

Mitchell Services’ most recent innovation in drilling solutions is the CX1500 CoalXplorer underground coal UIS drill rig. The rig delivers enhanced data capture of the geological environment. In trials on Anglo American sites, this showed potential to help improve safety and productivity of gas drainage through enhanced geological data capture.

Unearthed Solutions | BHP – BHP ‘Fast Track’ Challenge

In 2019, BHP partnered with Unearthed to run a global online crowd sourcing competition to improve their site access experience. 27 companies presented solutions, and 7 shortlisted entries worked directly with BHP’s team for evaluation. ComplyFlow provided the winning solution.

Universal Field Robots | IMDEX – UFR and IMDEX collaborate to improve drill and blast safety, productivity and reduce risk.

Universal Field Robots and IMDEX conquered the challenge of logging blast holes, while removing operators from harm’s way. The IMDEX BLASTDOG™ solution moved from concept to prototype in just four months, providing geological data and enhancing productivity.


Bowen Basin Mining Club Queensland Mining Contractor of the Year

Winner – Gas Field Services


QMA 2020 Winners Media Release

2018 Winners